Hwuason Lawyer Giving Lecture on Tax Management Courses for ABC Chongqing Branch Private Bank

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On 19th August, Lecture of Tax Management for Elite Class was held at Intercontinental Hotel of Yuzhong, Chongqing by Private Bank, Agriculture Bank of China, Chongqing Branch. Liu Tianyong, senior partner of Hwuason Law Firm has been invited to the activity as speech guest, and around 120 VIP clients of ABC have been invited to the lecture. Liu has given detailed explanation with actual cases from aspects of tax preference, tax risk management, tax plan, and tax dispute resolution and so on.

Tax Risk Management Training for Datang Power

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On July 7 at Sheraton of Huhehaote, Mr. Liu Tianyong has provided a 3-hour tax law training to more than 100 leaders from different departments of DaTang International Power Generation Co., Ltd. DT Power is a famous independent power generation company engaged in construction, operating electric power factory, selling electric power and heat power, etc. DT power has experienced a very rapid development these years, which enables it to have a scale of over 100 sub companies and branches across 18 provinces.