A Law Firm to Watch

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Over the last 7 days Asian Legal Business (ALB) released a 2010 China Watchlist – a list of firms that it predicts will be the big movers in 2010. I am pleased to note that Hwuason has made the 2010 list. Obviously, few lawyers do their work to achieve awards and we are more interested in pleasing our clients than receiving such recognition. However, this recognition is still pleasing for a firm like Hwuason that is not the biggest firm in China nor the most typical. Whereas the overwhelming majority of firms in China eschew specialisation, Hwuason has chosen to specialise in a very discrete and techical area – tax. This very much goes against the grain in China – there is a tendency here for firms, and lawyers themselves, to do any work that comes their way irrespective of their knowledge and ability in that particular area. This is actually one of the few frustrations I have about working in the legal field in China.

I very much admire Liu Tianyong, the Managing Partner of Hwuason, who four years ago recognised that the tendency in China of catchall firms was not appropriate for the practice of law in a more sophisticated legal environment and sought to focus his and his firms skills. Tianyong has also invested considerable recources into developing the tax law profession, Hwuason is the only specialist tax law firm in China, amongst graduates of China’s universities. For these reasons, and many others, there are days where I very much feel this firm is a pioneer and for this reason I am pleased Tianyong has received the recognition that he and the firm deserves.

Hwuason Lawyers named leading Chinese tax firm

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Hwuason Lawyers, China’s first specialist tax law firm, has been named the leading Chinese tax firm by ALB in its annual Leading Tax Law Firms report. This award is the latest recognition of the service quality provided by the professionals at Hwuason. Hwuason Managing Partner, Liu Tianyong, expressed that the firm was deeply honored to be once again recognized for its work in the field of tax professional services. He did note that “whilst these awards are nice and a good affirmation of the work we do, we are more interested in receiving praise from our clients”. As the only law firm in China to specialize in tax, the firm is well placed to benefit from the growing sophistication in China’s tax laws. This is the latest in a series of awards that the firm has received in recognition of the quality of its tax services, including being named as Firm to Watch in 2010 and being finalist in the 2009 Tax & Trust Law Firm of the Year award.

The ALB Leading Tax Law firm report  is the result of the culmination of three months of extensive research with numerous in-house legal counsel, tax advisors, industry specialists and private practice lawyers. ALB’s respondents were asked to nominate Asia’s leading tax law firms and lawyers based on their industry reputation and work. Submissions made as part of the ALB Law Awards series were also considered. ALB will be covering the Results of the ALB’s Leading Tax Law Firms report in the upcoming March 2010 issue.