Coming 2011 China Tax Law Forum & The First China Tax Lawyers Forum held by ACLA and Organized by Hwuason

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Notice of 2011 China Tax Law Forum & The First China Tax Lawyers Forum

ACLA August 29th


To enhance tax skills of Chinese lawyers, contribute to the standardization and institutionalization of taxpayer rights protection, and promote development of tax lawyer profession, All China Lawyers Association is going to hold 2011 China Tax Law Forum & The First China Tax Lawyers Forum from 27th October to 28th October at Beijing Friendship Hotel in Beijing in the theme of “Tax Law Service: Opportunities and Challenges in Front of China Tax Lawyers”

Advising on Individual Income Tax Law Retained by ACLA

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The government will likely raise the personal income tax threshold and adjust related tax brackets to try to create a fairer income distribution system. Personal income tax accounts for 6.6 percent of China’s overall tax revenue. More than 65 percent of personal income tax is paid by those with medium and low incomes. The goal of the tax, to reduce the wealth gap, has lost its original function. The new expected personal income tax threshold of 3,000 yuan income a month rather than the current one of 2,000 yuan a month is based on the country’s average basic cost-of-living expenses.

In the meantime, debate has surfaced over all kinds of issues concerning fairness, tax burden, adjustments and so on. Opinions gathered by the NPC have reached 100,000 pieces, including both profound thoughts and controversial ideas. As retained by ACLA, Hwuason has represented lawyer profession, as a tax law expert, to give legislative ideas on the issue. The final ideas mainly encompass deduction standards, unifying residential and non-residential incomes taxes, restricting usage of verification collection methods, adjusting the withholding subjects, and strengthening IIT collection, etc.

All China Lawyers Association (ACLA)

Based on “the Interim Regulation of Lawyers of the People’s Republic of China”(issued in 1980), the All China Lawyers Association (ACLA), founded in July of 1986, is a social organization as a legal person and a self-disciplined professional body for lawyers at national level which by law carries out professional administration over lawyers. All lawyers of the People’s Republic of China are members of ACLA and the local lawyers associations are group members of ACLA. At present, ACLA has 31 group members, which are lawyers associations of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and nearly 110,000 individual members.

The aim of the ACLA is to unite and educate its members to protect the dignity of the Constitution and law; to be faithful to the legal profession and abide by professional ethics and rules of conduct; to defend lawful rights and interests of its members; to enhance professional competence of lawyers; to strengthen professional self-regulation in order to promote sound development of the legal profession and endeavor to build up socialist state with rule of law and to develop social civilization and progress.